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Let’s talk  Concepts for full figure fashions, Knit and Crochet  fashions require careful thought . About yarn, style, and stitch. This rule applies to Crocheting and Knitting. Putting these three elements together successfully is what will make your creation stand out from the rest. Create a fabric that does what you need it to do i.e. drape, have body, etc. I play a lot and research a lot, until i have  a  knit or crochet fabric that is compatible to the unique figure type  i am designing for. ALL full figure types are not equal. You’ve heard i’m sure about the hour glass figure, the inverted triangle,  the pear shape figure, the inverted triangle figure, and the box ( I’m the box, lol).

Begin your ideas with pages from fashion magazines ( style), art magazines  ( color combos), Fiber combinations ( cotton,wool) for hand   of fabric (is the fabric soft,stiff ). You  can’t experiment enough and you will be amazed and rewarded  by your creative efforts.

Styling your look, brings your design ideas to life, my favorite way to preview a look is too style it using my favorite website. www.polyvore.com  the picture below reminds me where my focus is   FF ( full figure ) ladies, lets work  those hooks and needles and ” STRUTT OUR STUFF”  Look for me in Polyvore under ( arnetta)



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