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  Creating a look means that you have to evaluate and try out different looks. Try things you have never tryed before.  As I embark on my designing  journey of creating  Crochet and handknit garments with instructions !  I will have to remember that the rules change with every type of large size figure. This research below is based on the somewhat  pear shape figure. The large size woman with the small top, but very full at the bottom. Heavy leg,  large hips,  and  big bottom. This is the research i found and created. With a Color change of the top number 3 is my favorite because this look  is a good camouflage for the hips, while  giving shape with the elastic band.Of course all depends on the belly, If there is a big belly then another look entirely is preferred, which I will show in the next post. Look number 2 is trendy and very cute, if the tummy is somewhat under control. Beware !!! of the tummy under full fabric look that prompts the question ” when is the baby due”. Crocheting and knitting these looks, will require first creating a fabric that will work with the shape and drape like a dream. I’m swatching and swatching and swatching now ! so stay tune for the results. Oh I must say look number 1. is not my favorite at all, but a favorite for  the  very young full figure woman. Look number 1 is a challenge for knit and crochet, with a few changes I think I could pull it all together on look number 1.                                                                                                             


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