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Swatch It ?

   Make Friends With A Swatch

   I know what you’re going to say . I hear it all the time from my students ” I hate making swatches”. Okay, so put on the blindfold and knit or crochet, then get on your knees and pray that your garment will live up to you specifications .Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. Then there is the statement ” I got the gauge in the book and my sweater still doesn’t fit”. ” I made a swatch and the gauge is correct,why doesn’t my garment fit properly ” with that statement I usually show the students during the program, why that happens at lot.  Hint: A swatch is a little thing your garment pieces are larger pieces of fabric.

Okay, lets start with the first statement. ” I hate making swatches”.  I always want to ask why to this statement. A swatch is a designer , crocheter and knitters best friend, in that it first allows you to see what your yarn will look like, what size needle gives you the ideal fabrication  ( the most important part of creating a crochet/knit garment ). In the next post we’ll talk about why a large swatch is the best choice. Swatches go hand in hand with preparation, and swatching prepares you for possible problems in fabrication  ( fabric to stretchy,too dense, etc.) . All of these things come before  the gauge . The math is important, but it cannot stand alone and is practically nothing without also creating a fabric that will drape, move, and behave the way you need it too. note: those who sew garments can relate, the back of the sewing pattern says ” this garment is suitable for,  then it gives you a list of fabrics suitable to how the garment must drape.

Fear Nor Hate the swatch anymore it’s your best friend, your assistant, your textbook, and the source of your Success !!

TIL next time!


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