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Plus Size Body Measurements

( Just a little tibit of information to share with you from my Knit Classes taught at FIT, NYC ) enjoy

 Sewing, the sister to knitting and crocheting, has taught those who sew a lot about how to measure the body before choosing the correct size and creating  the garment. Many  sewing patterns today give information for the built in ease of  a pattern using knit fabrics, and they are  identified as a  pattern designed especially for knits. In my world of Machine knitting, hand knitting and crochet.  Many, many of my students have said to me. “I got the gauge but my garment still doesn’t fit, its too too big or hug’s to much”. Consider the source I say” THE FABRIC”.

 As a Plus Size Knitter/crocheter , the knit fabric you create will determine the amount of ease  in the fabric, and that should ultimately determine the amount of  ease you add  on the  tape measure, as you measure your unique figure type.

BIG  HINT : A tape measure does not give you the full picture and does not represent the knit/crochet fabric. Make the amount of ease you will add based on what your fabric is doing.

And then there is the BODY ITself ?????  ( sorry that is classroom information only….. cliffhanger;-] 

Here is a great link of  Croquis figures for measurements from Taunton, you will love. 

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