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What’s New With Me

I have been knitting and crocheting, and teaching, and beading, and and and. busy busy busy !!!! As I plan my summer Large Size Crochet and Knit garments. I am also planning my FAb knit and crochet wardrobe for my trip to Australia, as I represent the USA as a designer and teacher of knit and crochet, I must be able to strut my Crochet and Knit Stuff.  I looked through my stash and found some great yarn choices for what I’m calling the Australia projects ! When i arrive in Australia ( Date to be announced), it will be going into the their cooler part of the Season, so I’m loving the mohair yarns I am currently knitting up. They are luscious and will make a great statement . Last week, as I  was walking from Grand Central Station to 8th Ave. ( Not planned, but due to train detour), I spotted a beautiful sweater in the window of  I think Banana Republic. LOVED IT and decided to be inspired by this lovely cardigan, with the wide horizantal 2X2 bands in the front. Can A Large Size person like myself carry this look. SURE CAN. Because the first requirement is choosing an appropriate COLOR, then STYLE, then display the” Stand Back Here I come “,  ATTITUDE.  

 I think I can handle all three of the above requirements. The Plush color of the mohair works, and the style will work, as long as I’m careful about what I wear the cardigan with ( stay tuned for photos later). The attitude part has to do with walking tall, and wearing  accessories that will enhance  the overall look.

See pictures  below for a mood board that shows the look I am going for in accessories . I am thinking about making some of those covered bangles, but to avoid a  look of being weighed down with textiles, I will crochet and knit some.I think the crochet ones will lighten the look, of course I will add a little bling in the mix.  But here is some pictures of the knitted one, I’ve made so far. ( see below).


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