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I plan to add a beautiful crochet wrap to my must have for summer.  The styling I chose to accompany my favorite crochet wrap is a soft slightly gathered skirt,in a delicious fabric, that moves and is extremely comfortable and soft with  comfortable shoe and an easy to wear top.  My models are developed by me thanks to MyVirtual Model  the Crochet  book shown  is from Vogue Knitting.  And I plan to add a crochet wrap to my Spring 2011 Collection, for the Full Figure Woman.


Remember large Size ladies. Fabrication, Style, and how you put it all together is EVERYTHING ! when you what to create a  look             All Those at VK  Event This  Weekend. Have a Great Time.


Design Options


  Creating a look means that you have to evaluate and try out different looks. Try things you have never tryed before.  As I embark on my designing  journey of creating  Crochet and handknit garments with instructions !  I will have to remember that the rules change with every type of large size figure. This research below is based on the somewhat  pear shape figure. The large size woman with the small top, but very full at the bottom. Heavy leg,  large hips,  and  big bottom. This is the research i found and created. With a Color change of the top number 3 is my favorite because this look  is a good camouflage for the hips, while  giving shape with the elastic band.Of course all depends on the belly, If there is a big belly then another look entirely is preferred, which I will show in the next post. Look number 2 is trendy and very cute, if the tummy is somewhat under control. Beware !!! of the tummy under full fabric look that prompts the question ” when is the baby due”. Crocheting and knitting these looks, will require first creating a fabric that will work with the shape and drape like a dream. I’m swatching and swatching and swatching now ! so stay tune for the results. Oh I must say look number 1. is not my favorite at all, but a favorite for  the  very young full figure woman. Look number 1 is a challenge for knit and crochet, with a few changes I think I could pull it all together on look number 1.                                                                                                             

The Look For You

I am constantly  on the lookout  for the most amazing looks for the full figure/Plus size woman.  For the mature woman, my style suggestions are young ( but not TOOOO young), Stylish but not  ( HA HA Look at her), accentuate the positive, and camouflage what you feel needs toned down. Creating a total look is soooo important. The wrong shoes, bag, hairstyle, makeup, accessories. Can have negative effects on the total look you want to achieve. But lets not talk Negative. Let us focus on the Positive. I have created 2 looks, via my many many  wonderful research tools and sites ( which I’ll list for you at a later date). Below is a before and after picture from the website  My Virtual Model .  Tell me what you think

Cute Dress, If you need your knees covered. Change shoes,bag,jewelry,


Perfect Option for a younger fresh look

I’ve been a full figure woman for  a long long time. I’ve worked as a  sales  person and manager in several high end large size boutiques and during that time  I  had the opportunity  to research the  large size market. Working directly with the customer in a full service boutique, I also had the opportunity to style the garments, and create a unique look for each customer. In the knitting world I  lectured, designed, and measured numerous large size figures, and  I would give my recommendation on  fit,style, and design ideas. I would love to know more and more about what you are looking for in color,design and fabric. I would love to help ALL full figure  Knitters and Crocheters , and create a stylish, beautiful, knit and crochet collection for  Spring  2011.


Dream Large For The Spring 2011 Knit/Crochet Large Size Collection

Inspired By?

Let’s talk  Concepts for full figure fashions, Knit and Crochet  fashions require careful thought . About yarn, style, and stitch. This rule applies to Crocheting and Knitting. Putting these three elements together successfully is what will make your creation stand out from the rest. Create a fabric that does what you need it to do i.e. drape, have body, etc. I play a lot and research a lot, until i have  a  knit or crochet fabric that is compatible to the unique figure type  i am designing for. ALL full figure types are not equal. You’ve heard i’m sure about the hour glass figure, the inverted triangle,  the pear shape figure, the inverted triangle figure, and the box ( I’m the box, lol).

Begin your ideas with pages from fashion magazines ( style), art magazines  ( color combos), Fiber combinations ( cotton,wool) for hand   of fabric (is the fabric soft,stiff ). You  can’t experiment enough and you will be amazed and rewarded  by your creative efforts.

Styling your look, brings your design ideas to life, my favorite way to preview a look is too style it using my favorite website. www.polyvore.com  the picture below reminds me where my focus is   FF ( full figure ) ladies, lets work  those hooks and needles and ” STRUTT OUR STUFF”  Look for me in Polyvore under ( arnetta)


 Crochet  And  Knit   At   Large    also known as crochetknitatlarge  (Both are registered names)

Is my  long  time  vision of  sharing  my knowledge  and make available my Chic and Classy  designs  of   Crocheted  and hand knitted garments for the fuller figure. I hope  in time to  include Men’s designs (The Big Guys Collection),  with the Women’s collection. The Spring 2011  launch date  is quickly approaching. I am using this blog  as a means to educate and communicate with the millions of  unique figure types out there. So Please stay in touch and stop by often. Please, fill out the form below

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